How Often Should You Wash Your Human Hair Wigs?

It depends. For frequently-worn wigs, once every two weeks is a good time to give your wig a refresh. If you do not wear your wig often, then you do not have to wash it as often. Once monthly or every other month may be sufficient. However, your wig may be due for a wash if:
• The wig begins to feel sticky
• It starts to smell
• Its curls or waves become limp
• The wig loses its shine and turns dull
Even a high-quality wig would no sooner give way if it’s not suitably taken care of. By following a maintenance schedule and observing good human hair care practices (including properly washing your wigs), you can boost the lifespan of your human hair wigs. The washing procedure in this article works for all wigs but most wigs come with their washing instructions, which it would be best for you to follow for optimum results.