How Often Should You Wash Synthetic Wigs?

The amount of times you’ll need to wash your synthetic wigs ultimately depends on how often you wear them. But some people advise you to wash your synthetic wigs after wearing them 15-20 times.
Also, some activities require you to be around heavy smoke or dust, so you may have to wash the wigs more frequently. But remember that overwashing your synthetic wigs can reduce their lifespan.
Tips for Maintaining Synthetic Wigs
Here are some tips to help you maintain and take care of your synthetic wigs:
• Avoid sleeping with your synthetic wig if you don’t have to.
• Only use hair products that are made for synthetic wigs.
• Using a wig head to dry your wig will help to maintain its shape.
• Ensure your synthetic wig is heat-safe before exposing them to heat.
• Never comb or brush your synthetic wig when it’s wet.
• A fabric softener isn’t necessary, but it can help to revive and soften synthetic wigs.
• Don’t use a washing machine to wash or dry your synthetic wigs (even though synthetic wig fibers are similar to our clothes).
Final Thoughts
Washing synthetic wigs is as easy as wearing them. You just need some items and a few minutes to make those synthetic wigs look cleaner than ever.
Come back and reread this guide If you’re ever having trouble with washing your synthetic wigs.